Moderate psychopathy scoring high in the affective and interpersonal realm

I never really know what day it is because it doesn’t affect me. Every other Monday there’s a ward round which I sometimes attend for five minutes, then I’m off to put my head between a black ladies thighs in a Hilton hotel. Weeks, months, years are just labels. I have a bit of time left and if I’m reading, writing, film editing or making music in my room I’m content.

The Babylonians of ancient Mesopotamia didn’t number their years. Instead they would attribute something momentous that had happened to it. The year that followed would be called the year after this event. So 2018 we named ‘Year of the HDMI issues’ as it was such a pain in the arse, an inconvenience and pervasive in the latter half. 2019 might be ‘The year of Dr Singh’s nervous breakdown’ or possibly just the year after the year of the HDMI issues. I simply do not know yet.

‘Conduct disorder’
‘Moderate psychopathy scoring high in the affective and interpersonal realm’
‘Antisocial personality disorder’
‘Post traumatic stress disorder’
‘Schizoaffective disorder’
‘Paranoid schizophrenia’
‘undifferentiated schizophrenia’
‘Generalised anxiety disorder’

They can’t make their minds up. I’ve heard them say ‘Aspergers’ ’emotional incontinence’
‘matches the criteria for schizotypal’

In years to come the ICD10 book will be clumped into the same category as eugenics books in some online database. I hope that ‘unfit for the future’ does as well. That proposes that we genetically modify our selves to boost our morality. An ominous suggestion that would probably be selective and inevitable. I think you need a few psychopaths in the world. Just a few, we cant dispose of that Machiavellian gene quite yet, we might get attached by Moloch and end up offering our new borns again.

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