Some believe that when you see dark smoke like entities around your bed upon waking, you are being visited by shadow men. Demons. Some believe that when you become conscious from waking you still carry the residue of a dream with you and can sit totally aware of where you are but experience hallucinations, usually in a state of paralysis.

I usually get startled at first then laugh and mock these hammer weilding things, which makes them angry.

I get sleep paralysis, OBE’s, false awakenings, hypnopompic and hypnogogic hallucinations, lucid dreams, and I dream predominantly in dialouge which I write down. I describe the setting, the characters and what they say to me. If I can get to the level of conversing with them, then I think that I will be asking my subconcious questions, which excites me. At the moment I’m the observer.

These characters have been stereotypes, Jungian archetypes and some friends as well as random celebrities

I drifted off one night and dreamt that I was in the passenger seat of an American pickup truck. The driver looked at me and said “He’s ingenious… like a rat” another character, out of 36 in one restless evening was a god. (Pollytheism seems more plausible than monotheism to me, although I am an atheist, I entertain the Sumerian creation story)

In the dream I was on a beach looking up at white clouds and blue skys. I heard “How can this be your dream?” in a soothing voice with lots of reverb from an unseen entity. Not sure what god it was, hope it wasn’t Moloch.

With the amount of painkillers and benzo’s that I am on at the moment, the staff have noted that I sleep in the same position for very long periods, so they wake me up and I stretch and change position. Which is appreciated as it stops the pain in the mornings.

I’m fascinated by dreams. My sleep pattern is irregular and I am allways drifting off in the day. A bit of Modafinil would help I reckon but I would prefer Methylphenidate.


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